Day 26 – Universe Miraculous

This universe is miraculous and full of wonder. Taking a few moments to appreciate the beauty of the universe and all things in it. Time lapse photography of the night sky or the Great Barrier Reef (attached link Milky Way time lapse and Great Barrier Reef) and you will see the miracles that surround us. 

 I look to the sky for answers to why, where is he now, and how did this happen. The answers have not come. The miracles that surround us give me comfort that there is a God and heaven. How could something so beautiful be anything more than made by God? It comforts me as I watch these videos of creation evidence that surrounds. There is peace. There is love. There is a “happily ever after”.  

Zachary was a miracle. He was my heart living outside my body. He brought me more joy and love then I ever thought was possible. How could this universe and beautiful boy not be a miracle? 


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