Day 21 – Nourish

As parents, we often forget self care. We are task masters for our children, family, and work. Nourishing yourself is an after thought, if at all.  As a bereaved mother, I forget to take care and nourish myself. I have children, family and work and now have added grief and sadness to this repertoire of daily tasks. These daily tasks are completed while holding the 50 pounds of grief on mine back. There is no time for self care when you are constantly doing for everyone and trying to keep your mask of grief from falling down. 

I have recently found that self care nourishes me to keep holding it. Time for myself and my husband has slowly become a priority. Tonight, my husband treated me to a birthday dinner at the Bellwether. It’s a beautiful hotel overlooking bellingham bay. We spent some one on one time enjoying the moment and the view. I feel wonderful and enriched to face my daily tasks again after this date night. 

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