Monthly Archives: March 2016

Second Anniversary

Here we are again. The end of March. It was a beautiful day today just like two years ago. Unseasonably warm and beautiful.  The beauty of the spring and rebirth all around us. My thoughts drift to what you would be doing now? Second grade half over. Being your witty, silly, sweet self with your sister. Having a million friends as the major of anywhere USA. Going out of your way to say or do the most amazingly thoughtful things for total strangers.  My Zachary. What would you be like today?

My life today remains in the aftermath of the accident. March 31st endelably marks the day that he died. The day of his birth and death lay on a stone. For me, I had the honor of being there throughout his whole life. If I could’ve take his place I would’ve. I would take death to have him live but that wasn’t the choice.