The Day Everything Changed…

kris and zach

The day everything changed in my life forever began as any ordinary Monday. On this particular day, I was up and running around early in the morning. Shower, coffee, getting kids ready, more coffee, daycare drop off, and off to work. On this particular day, Zachary had the day off from school and had an eye doctor’s appointment. I ran through my daily morning routine with meetings, questions, preparing information and left to run Zachary to his appointment.

We made it to his eye doctor’s appointment in Mount Vernon (about a hour drive from Lynden) and had a little time to spare. He was able to play in the waiting room. In typical Zachary style, he made a new friend. We saw the doctor and Zachary got the news he wanted. He needed glasses! Most kids would think this is not a good thing. Zachary how ever was completely excited to get glasses. He has been waiting for “his turn” to get glasses. He was head over heals excited about this news. We called John, my fiancé and his “step dad”, to tell him the news. Then, he had to call his dad too. He called him but got his machine. Instead of leaving a message, he said, “How rude” and put the phone down (later I learned that it was an open line for about 10 minutes…)

I knew this was an exciting moment for Zachary. I planned to celebrate with ice cream and a nice ride home. I wanted to celebrate this moment and make sure he had a good time. It was a beautiful day for March. A Warm, sunny, perfect day. We were going for ice cream, new glasses and going home. We were content and happy.

That’s my last memory of that day.

I woke up in a hospital bed unable to move or speak. It was like a strange movie I was watching. Moments that I can remember. Then time flew by and another moment. My level of consciousness was minimal and beginning to recover. On Easter Sunday, I was awake and alert. They took out the ventilator. I saw my mother come into the room. I said, “I know he’s gone”. She cried and nodded. He was gone.

In later days, I heard the details of the past weeks I was in a coma. How Zachary had died in the accident and no one knew if I would live and if I did, what would it look like? The fear, sadness, anxiety, loss, shock, disbelief and a mixed bag of intense pain and emotion filled my days. He was gone.

Zachary Dean Conzo was born on October 1, 2007 and died March 31, 2014. He is gone. His light continues to shine through my everyday. His life made a huge impact on mine and so many others.

In this blog, I hope to share my story with love and respect for everyone involved. My life is forever changed, now how do I go on?

6 thoughts on “The Day Everything Changed…

  1. jenn

    Proud of you! You have overcome a great deal. You are an inspiration and I am honored to know you. Zachary and grace. Much love!!

  2. Pops

    May that “Little Light” of his forever shine in all of our hearts to lead us on our journey home to be with him and the Lord.

  3. Aimee Cavill

    Hello, I have something to share with you. I had a vivid dream about my father (who passed away in 2013 of lung cancer). I had this dream on or around April 3, 2014. It’s been awhile so I can’t recall the exact day. However, I have been bothered ever since because I want to talk to you about it. If you would like, please email me and I can give you my phone number so you can call me. I believe there was a message in this dream meant for you. Obviously we do not know each other but I strongly believe I need to deliver this message to you. I found your blog and now finally could contact you about it.


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